Having already received a Certificate of Engaged Compassion previously, those in the Facilitator in Training (FiT) process complete the Certificate a second time in the following ways:

  • participate in all dimensions of the program

  • attend teaching and debriefing sessions with Center Staff

  • When appropriate, assist in leading exercises, practices, and/or small groups

  • participate in group supervision with Center Staff

At the conclusion of Phase 1, FiTs will have experienced the curriculum twice as a participant and will have observed and been in dialogue with Center Staff regarding group dynamics, deeper understandings of the practices, facilitating small groups, logistics, etc. 

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  • Completion of the Certificate of Engaged Compassion (This can be completed in either the retreat style or face-to-face format)

  • Invitation to train as a Facilitator by Senior Staff


BENEFITS:  Upon successful completion of Phases 1 & 2

  • Inclusion of profile in online Certified Facilitator Directory (includes a brief bio, explanation of your work and contact information)

  • Certification identification number and logo, which can be used on business cards, social media profiles, resume, etc.