The Certificate is designed as a practical spiritual formation program for persons who seek to deepen their skills and capacities for compassionate living. The program is ideal for ministers, organizational leaders, social justice activists, teachers, parents, and anyone who seeks practical training in compassionate living. Taught by Dr. Frank Rogers, the Certificate offers a mixture of retreat, one-on-one spiritual direction, online instruction, weekly spiritual practices, group processes and radical teachings for personal and social transformation.

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*Discounts available: 10% off CEC fees for multiple participants from the same organization and 90% off CEC fees for individuals who have previously completed the Certificate Program.


 Individuals who complete the certification course will:

  • Develop skills and practices for self-compassion

  • Learn how to identify and transform difficult emotions (rage, depression, fear, etc.)

  • Increase their capacity to heal suffering in self, others, and institutions.

  • Develop techniques for relating to oneself, friends, family members, strangers, perpetrators, and even ‘enemies’ with genuine compassion

  • Learn how to engage victims and perpetrators, broken families, groups in conflict—without diminishing anyone’s dignity

  • Understand how to participate in social actions that confront injustice from a grounded place of love rather than from reactive anger or resentment