Presentation in Mexico on Compassionate Leadership in Business

Jennifer Hooten accepted an invitation to train a group of organizational and business leaders on how the Compassion Practice could increase the effectiveness of their leadership. Integrating teachings from the Compassion Practice with best practices from the organizational development field, participants explored the ways in which compassionate leadership can become a tangible business advantage in his or her specific context. 

The daylong workshop took place in January, 2015, in Cabo, Mexico.

'Compassionate Leadership' meeting facilitation in Iceland

Steffani Kizziar and Andrew Dreitcer served as small group co-facilitators for “The Power of Love and Compassion in Governance – Sharing Actions for Effective Change,” an international conference of the Spirit of Humanity Forum meant to “re-conceptualize systemic change in fields such as education, health, culture, science, business, politics and peace-building.”

The gathering was hosted by the City of Reykjavík, Iceland, on April 9-12, 2014, and drew 250 invited business, government, education, and spiritual leaders from around the world. Dreitcer and Kizziar led discussions on compassionate leadership within and across spiritual communities.

Dreitcer Gives Presentations at Brown and Stanford

Co-Director Andy Dreitcer was an invited presenter-participant at a staff in-service gathering of Brown University’s neuroscience-related “Contemplative Development Mapping Project (CDMP)” January 3-5, at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies in Barre MA.

 His presentation, “Roles of Imaginal-Affective Relationality in Compassion-Oriented Christian Contemplative Practices” was the group’s introduction to practices within the Abrahamic traditions, was followed by presentations on Muslim and Jewish practices, and was preceded by presentations on Dharmic practices. Until this gathering, the CDMP had focused on neuroscientifically “mapping” only Buddhist practices.

In March, Dreitcer was the guest speaker for Stanford’s compassion-cultivation training program. His presentation focused on the nature of compassion-formation within contemplative practices that draw on Christian meditative traditions in addition to Buddhist traditions.

Rogers Leads Training for L.A. Prison Chaplains

In September, CEC Co-Director Frank Rogers led a weekend-long retreat for prison chaplains in the Los Angeles County prison systems on "Internal Family Systems: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing”

The gathering explored Internal Family Systems, a contemplative and non-pathologizing therapy that nurtures compassion for self and others, as a spiritual path for personal renewal and as a resource for spiritual care in chaplaincy contexts.