Our mission: to repair the world through the practical application of wise, skillful compassion.


The Center for Engaged Compassion is a practical education center that seeks to repair the world by applying the ancient wisdom of compassion and contemplative practices to the problems of today. The Center works in conjunction with a number of academic, institutional, business, and denominational organizations giving people enduring, effective skills to bring peace, reconciliation, and healing to the world.

The wisdom traditions of the world teach that this kind of compassion — a compassion that emerges from a truly engaged sensibility — is necessary for creating true peace, reconciliation, and healing within secular as well as religious contexts. The Center’s social transformation projects, academic programs, and research & development initiatives integrate the knowledge and formative practices of the world’s wisdom traditions with the most advanced contemporary understandings of the human arts and sciences.


The Center for Engaged Compassion teaches a unique set of skills for wisely assessing and appropriately transforming destructive personal, interpersonal, social, economic, and political dynamics. These skills enable people to repair the world through

  • personal practices of reflection, self-understanding, self-compassion, and decision-making that form non-reactive, compassionate behavior.
  • interpersonal practices of communication, compassion, and wise, creative actions that heal broken relationships.
  • practices of social change that constructively analyze, creatively engage, and compassionately transform strife-torn situations within and between organizations, communities, and groups.

Strategic Areas

  • Social Transformation Projects
  • Academic Programs. In collaboration with Claremont School of Theology the CEC offers courses, certificates, and graduate degrees.
  • Dissemination (through retreats, seminars, conferences, publications & written curricula) of “Engaged Compassion”
  • Research and Development Initiatives