The Center for Engaged Compassion is proud to provide practitioners working across a variety of sectors who have completed the training necessary to be Certified Compassion Practice Facilitators.  Each can be called upon to facilitate the Compassion Practice curriculum in a variety of settings and and formats.  Feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to help find you a Facilitator that best serves your specific needs.


Karri Backer

As a PhD student in Spiritual Formation with an MA in Clinical Psychology, Karri's interest in compassion work is centered in her desire to understand and develop practices that integrate psychology and spirituality, facilitating a space where people can experience transformational healing.  Also an Episcopal priest, she currently serves as Director of Christian Formation at St. Andrew's in Fullerton.  Karri has offered the 12-week Engaged Compassion curriculum in parish settings multiple times and enjoys group facilitation as well as individual spiritual direction.  

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Samantha Lynne Gupta

Samantha (M.Div.) is an interfaith chaplain-activist and PhD student in Depth Psychology with a focus in Community Psychology, Liberation Psychology and Ecological Psychology. A former non-profit director and youth organizer, Samantha's work includes spiritual care and restorative justice with individuals and in non-profits, hospitals, jails and prisons, as well as with community organizing at the intersections of racial, economic and ecological justice in the Los Angeles area.  She has utilized the Compassion Practice curriculum with individuals, in jail settings, as well with dialogue groups to cultivate the personal, interpersonal and spiritual resources for reconciliation, particularly to support positive racial identity development committed to challenging racism. Learn more about Samantha's work and scholarship at www.decentered.org. 


Jeff Hayes

Jeff is a co-pilgrim on the way of self-understanding and compassionate healing.  He is an educator who works with adult students at Warner University in Lake Wales, Florida.   Jeff holds a MDiv from the Anderson School of Theology and the DMin from Drew University.  An ordained pastor, Jeff previously served four different congregations in PA, KY, and OH.  In his current position as the Associate Dean for Online Church Ministry, Jeff has opportunities to teach the compassion practice at least twice a year in an online 8-week format.  The Compassion Practice has truly been transformative in his own life and ministry; and he welcomes opportunities to share the compassion practice with others.


Jenn Hooten

With the intention of bringing compassion unapologetically to the workplace, Jenn views the Compassion Practice as indispensable in her work as an Organizational Development consultant.  She helps clients cultivate practices of compassion on a variety of levels - individual, team and organizational - to create ways of collaborating that connect grounded, creative people to organizational values. She holds a Masters in Ethical Leadership and teaches at the Charter for Compassion's Education Institute. Learn more about her work and projects at www.Re-EngageConsulting.com.


Frank Rogers

Frank is a professor of Spiritual Formation at Claremont School of Theology and his research and teaching focus is on life-formation that is contemplative, creative, and socially liberative. A trained spiritual guide and experienced retreat leader, he has written on the interconnections between spirituality, social engagement, and compassion. He is the author of three books — a novel, a description of the CEC’s Compassion Practice, and an exploration of the role of the narrative arts (storytelling, drama, creative writing, and autobiography) in the formation of wellbeing in teenagers and abused and marginalized children.    


Greta Ronningen

Sr. Greta is a co-founder of Community of Divine Love, an Episcopal monastery in the Benedictine tradition located in San Gabriel, California.  During her masters studies at Claremont School of Theology she focused on spiritual formation and the Engaged Compassion Program. Sr. Greta recently graduated fourteen women in the Los Angeles County jail in the Compassion Practice where she is the Senior Episcopal chaplain. She has been involved with yoga for 35 years and co-founded Yoga Works in 1986. Sr. Greta is a certified spiritual director, writer, and retreat leader. 



Cate Wilson

Cate spent 15 years as a line-producer and production manager in the film and television industries for her work guiding organizations through systems thinking, organizational development, and long term planning. She left the film industry to pursue academic studies and a second career in the growing field of spiritual formation and development.  Her research examines the beneficial and empowering effects of contemplative practices in the spiritual formation of girls and young women. Her master’s thesis focused on the use of contemplative practices in working with victims/survivors of trauma.  She has an M.A. Religion and is working on her Ph.D. with a focus on spiritual formation, both from Claremont School of Theology.