"Compassion is not about willing away unpleasant emotions or feigning politeness to those we secretly despise."

Frank Rogers,  Jr.
Practicing Compassion

The Center is involved in a number of initiatives to disseminate its information and resources. From the academic classes we offer, to the workshops and retreats that we facilitate, to conferences that we both host and attend, there are many ways for others to be a part of the CEC’s efforts.

The Compassion Practice

The Center employs a unique process designed by Frank Rogers, Andrew Dreitcer, and Mark Yaconelli called the Compassion Practice.  Applicable to both individuals and groups, the process involves 6 basic steps:

  1. Paying Attention
  2. Understanding Empathetically
  3. Loving with connection
  4. Sensing the sacred
  5. Embodying new life
  6. Acting

The Practice is outlined further in Frank Rogers' book, Practicing Compassion (Fresh Air Books, 2015).